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Alchemy Live

Alchemy Live were formed in 2020 by life long Dire Straits fans Martin Ledger and Neil Scott. Having dreamed of starting a Dire Straits tribute band for many years but neither having the time to do it due to both being busy full time musicians, the COVID pandemic and resultant lockdowns gave them that time in abundance.

Rehearsals started in 2021 after the worst of the pandemic was over & their first show scheduled in York for Friday the 13th of May 2022 (what could possibly go wrong)?

Much to the band’s surprise, their inaugural show quickly sold out and many were turned away at the door without tickets.

Further sell out shows followed around Yorkshire during the year and in January 2023 the band made their move into theatre shows.

“It has always been the ethos to concentrate on getting the music and sound right rather than just putting on headbands and shiny jackets. Dire Straits themselves were always about the music first and we are fully committed to upholding that” says front man Martin Ledger.

Every song choice is taken from a specific, classic live performance in Dire Straits’ history, for example the show’s opening song Money For Nothing is taken from their legendary performance at Live aid in 1985 and played note for note, except for the part where guest artist Sting sings the wrong words in the second verse!

Such attention to detail is carried on throughout the band’s tribute show, with every nuance of Mark Knopfler’s playing technique followed faithfully.

“He has these little percussive flourishes in his playing, which are really difficult to recreate but without them it’s just not Knopfler” – Martin ledger.